Racebent Harry Potter (part IV)

Charlie Weasley ~ Donald Glover

Fleur Delacour ~ Ashika Pratt

Bill Weasley ~ Sinqua Walls

Game of Thrones Fancast (7/10 existing character’s older selves)

Shireen Baratheon played by Kaya Scodelario

So, while I’m still working on my asoiaf, disney and hp fancasts, I’ve been wondering what I should do next. Any ideas? I’d love to hear from you guys! :)

Game of Thrones Fancast (6/10 character’s older selves)

Myrcella Baratheon played by Holliday Grainger

Game of Thrones Fancast (5/10 character’s older selves)

Tommen Baratheon played by William Moseley

Racebent Harry Potter (part III)

Fred Weasley ~ Michael B. Jordan

George Weasley ~ Michael B. Jordan

Percy Weasley ~ Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Game of Thrones Fancast (4/10 character’s older selves)

Sansa Stark played by Lotte Verbeek

Game of Thrones Fancast (3/10 character’s older selves)

Arya Stark played by Hayley Atwell

Game of Thrones Fancast (2/10 existing character’s older selves)

Bran Stark (played by Eoin Macken)